The Committee to Elect

Andrew Shepherd

For State Representative

Let’s make a government that works better for you.


Support the Local Economy

Support working families and local businesses by fostering smarter regulation, workforce housing, efficient state spending, lower taxes, and a free market.

Support First Responders

Ensure our police and first responders have the funding they need to continue to keep us safe.

Advocate Effectively

Our rural district needs an effective voice on Beacon Hill to ensure we receive our fair share of funding and support. We need a state rep who can work across the aisle to get things done, not merely grandstand about national political issues.

Control Spending & Taxes

Our state currently has billions of dollars in surplus. Going forward, we must prioritize spending only what we have, completing state budgets on time, and lowering taxes.

Suspend the Gas Tax

Temporarily suspend the state fuel tax when prices are high, while ensuring that oil companies and gas stations do not engage in price-gouging.

Promote Public Health

Get Covid-19 behind us by encouraging (but not mandating) vaccination, vaccine education, and health education for a healthy community.

Fund Education & Rebuild Parental Trust in our School Curriculum

I pledge to fight for our children, better schools, and a better education system. We need to make sure our kids are prepared to enter the workforce. I will also push to revaluate the state funding formula so our schools receive their fair share of Chapter 70 Funding.

Reduce Electricity Prices

Support passage of the Municipal Choice Bill, giving towns a legal pathway to challenge their current electric monopoly by exploring a transition to a municipal-owned utility.

Protect Natural Resources

Our natural resources and open spaces are some of our district’s greatest assets. We need to make sure we keep them safe and clean.

Understanding us better

Ashby, Dunstable, Groton (2,3), Lunenburg (A,C,D), Pepperell, Townsend

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Get to know Andrew Shepherd

Andrew J. Shepherd for the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

Born and raised in Townsend, Andrew is a business owner, firefighter, farmer, eagle scout and active member of our community. Andrew studied at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he earned a B.S. from the Commonwealth Honors College and an M.S. in Resource Economics. While at UMass, Andrew was a member of the Amherst Fire Department’s Student Volunteer Force, living in the fire station and leading the 30-member student force for two years as Deputy Chief. He was an intern with Governor Charlie Baker in the Office of Access and Opportunity and with State Representative Sheila C. Harrington during his university career. Upon returning home he joined his family’s construction and agricultural business. Andrew has also grown his own business, Bayberry Hill Water Co., delivering 5-gallon spring water to customers throughout the region.

Andrew’s experiences in local business, agriculture, and public service prepare him to represent the interests of the 1st Middlesex District.

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